Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gwen Stefani Helps Promote HIV/AIDS Treatment in Africa

All it takes is 40 cents a day to save life.

A whole host of celebrities, including rocker Gwen Stefani, are lending their names and faces in support of a campaign to raise money for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa and to spread the word about an awareness-raising film by Spike Jonze.

The Lazarus Effect, a documentary film supported by the (RED) campaign, which collects funds from the sale of various products to help pay for HIV treatment in Africa, is set to premiere May 24 on HBO.

Directed by Lance Bangs and produced by Jonze and Susan Smith Ellis, The Lazarus Effect documents the amazing effects that antiretroviral drugs can have on those afflicted with AIDS. The film traces the experience of Constancde Mudenda, who lost all three of her children to AIDS before treatment was available. But when Mudenda learned of a clinic offering free ARVs, she became one of the first people to be enrolled. With her health restored, she now works as a educator at the clinic herself.

In support of the film and to promote the low cost of saving lives, friends of (RED) like actors Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Don Cheadle, Stefani and U2 frontman Bono, have put together a video showing just what 40 cents can buy. Turns out, 40 cents can buy everything from gum to a costume mustache to a day's worth of life-saving ARVs. Even those close to death can be revived in as few as 40 days once they start taking the pills. This transformation is called The Lazarus Effect.
Check out the video here, and go to HBO online to learn more about the documentary.

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Watch House of Numbers to learn more about HIV and AIDS.

Contrast the above article with the following:

The raw interview with Luc Montagnier - revealed!

To help provide clarity to this issue, NaturalNews spoke with House of Numbers filmmaker Brent Leung who agreed to provide us with exclusive, un-cut footage of the conversation with Luc Montagnier, complete with subtitles.

You can now view this exclusive, revealing footage on YouTube at:

NaturalNews transcribed this un-cut conversation and below, we've reprinted the words exchanged between Brent Leung and Dr. Luc Montagnier. Here, you'll see that, in fact, Brent Leung did not quote Montagnier out of context, and that Montagnier makes his position crystal clear on points such as how nutrition may help reverse an AIDS infection.

What this transcript (and video) proves is that Leung's critics are, in fact, deeply misinformed in their accusations of Leung, and are guilty of printing false and defamatory information that accuses Leung of distorting the interviews used in his film. Read this transcript to see for yourself:

The transcript between Brent Leung and Dr. Luc Montagnier

Leung [the filmmaker]: You talked about oxidative stress earlier. Is treating oxidative stress one of the best ways to deal with the African AIDS epidemic?

Montagnier [the scientist]: I think this is one way to approach, to decrease the rate of transmission, because I believe HIV we can be exposed to HIV many times without bring chronically infected, our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system; and this is the problem also of the African people. Their nutrition is not very equilibrated, they are in oxidative stress, even if they are not infected with HIV; so their immune system doesn't work well already. So it's prone, it can, you know, allow HIV to get in and persist. So there are many ways which are not the vaccine, the magic name, the vaccine, many ways to decrease the transmission just by simple measures of nutrition, giving antioxidants -- proper antioxidants -- hygiene measures, fighting the other infections. So they are not spectacular, but they could, you know, decrease very well the epidemic, to the level they are in occidental countries, western countries.

Leung: So if you have a good immune system, then your body can naturally get rid of HIV?

Montagnier: Yes.

Leung: Oh, interesting. Do you think we should have more of a push for antioxidants, and things of that nature, in Africa than antiretrovirals (AIDS drugs)?

Montagnier: We should push for more, you know, a combination of measures; antioxidants, nutrition advice, nutritions, fighting other infections -- malaria, tuberculosis, parasitosis, worms -- education of course, genital hygiene for women and men also, very simple measures which [are] not very expensive, but which could do a lot. And this is my, actually my worry about the many spectacular action for the global funds to buy drugs and so on, and Bill Gates and so on, for the vaccine. But you know those kind of measures are not very well funded, they're not funded at all, or they are, you know, it really depends on the local government to take choice of this, but local governments they take advice of the scientific advisors from the intelligent institutions, and they don't get this kind of advice very often.

Leung: Well there's no money in nutrition, right? There's no profit.

Montagnier: There's no profit, yes. Water is important. Water is key.

Leung: Now one thing you said, you were talking about the fact that if you have a built immune system, it is possible to get rid of HIV naturally. If you take a poor African who's been infected and you build up their immune system, is it possible for them to also naturally get rid of it?

Montagnier: [Nodding yes] I would think so.

Leung: That's an important point.

Montagnier: It's important knowledge which is completely neglected. People always think of drugs and vaccine. So this is a message which may be different from what you heard before, no?

Leung: The closing?

Montagnier: No, no, yes, my message, it's different from what you heard from (Anthony) Fauci or...

Leung: Yes, it's a little different.

Montagnier: Little different.

Analysis of the conversation

As you can see from this transcript (and from watching the video), Leung asks no loaded questions and engages in no trickery whatsoever. If anything, Leung is quite reserved in his questioning, preferring to allow Montagnier to do most of the talking. In particular, Leung does not interrupt Montagnier, nor does he attempt to verbally entrap him in any way.

For his part, Dr. Montagnier doesn't mince words. He's very clear on the points he's making, saying them several times in different ways. His points are, essentially (paraphrased):

• You can be exposed to AIDS without getting infected.
• A strong immune system can protect you against AIDS.
• With the help of good nutrition, you can fight off AIDS.
• The importance of AIDS vaccines is exaggerated.
• AIDS can be approached with low-cost, highly-effective alternatives to vaccines.
• What the African people really need is better nutrition to protect themselves from AIDS.
• The facts about nutrition and AIDS are being neglected (by the medical establishment).

He's not wishy-washy about these things. He speaks with clear intent and does not waver on these points. At the end of the interview, before the cameras are turned off, he even acknowledges to Leung that what he just said was essentially a "bombshell" of information that stands at odds with conventional AIDS scientists such as Fauci.

Now, if you go back to the House of Numbers movie and watch the clips of Leung's conversation with Montagnier, you'll find that the quotes used in the film are right in line with what Montagnier is saying in his un-cut conversation. There is absolutely no distortion, no out-of-context quoting going on here. If anything, Leung has acted in a very professional way in choosing quotes for the final film that accurately reflect the essence of what Montagnier is communicating.

And for that, Leung gets blasted by critics and accused of misrepresenting what these scientists are saying. That's because the conventional AIDS-pharma proponents can't stand up to real-world scrutiny. Their AIDS mythologies are based on lies and disinformation, so instead of engaging in intelligent debate based on the available evidence, they simply attack any person who questions the tenants of their AIDS-pharma cult.

What the drug companies don't want you to know about AIDS

The drug companies don't want you to know the truth about AIDS... or cancer, or diabetes or heart disease. There's a simple truth that, if widely acknowledged, would absolutely devastate the pharmaceutical industry with all its heavily-promoted vaccines and patented chemicals. What simple truth is that?

AIDS has a cure. Cancer has a cure. Diabetes can be cured. Heart disease can be cured. The list goes on and on...

When the co-discoverer of the AIDS virus says, on camera, that essentially AIDS can be cured with nutrition, he is speaking a disallowed truth that the drug companies (and their minions) cannot tolerate. If people knew that AIDS could be halted -- or even reversed -- with nutrients such as antioxidants, they might not put so much faith in the billions of dollars worth of vaccines being pushed all around the world by not only Big Pharma, but even Bill and Melinda Gates, too (who have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the drug companies to inject more children with vaccines).

This is why Brent Leung's film House of Numbers ( is simultaneously so courageous and so relevant to modern health care. It's the first film to stand up and declare, "The AIDS Emperor wears no clothes!" This film, in fact, presents stunning evidence that, in many ways, exposes Big Pharma's AIDS vaccine scam. No wonder Leung is being so viciously attacked by the AIDS industry. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the sick-care industry depend on more people being diagnosed with AIDS and treated with monopoly-priced drugs!

More un-cut footage coming your way

The AIDS industry's attacks against Brent Leung aren't over yet. Under pressure from proponents of the conventional AIDS industry, two more scientists interviewed for the film have now claimed their words were also taken out of context.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Brent Leung, NaturalNews plans to air full, un-cut footage of the interviews with these scientists, proving beyond any question that their words were in no way distorted by Leung. Watch for those exclusive clips in the days ahead...