Monday, June 7, 2010

House of Numbers Adds Additional Content to its Deluxe Edition DVD

House of Numbers has added full interviews to its Deluxe Edition DVD along with additional featurettes. A list of all the featurettes can be seen below and a list of full length interviews will be announced shortly. 

Behind-the-scenes: The Making of House of Numbers

Extended Interviews

32 Featurettes:

HIV Testing

  • HIV Testing 101
  • False Positives: Causes and Factors
  • History and Evolution of HIV Testing
  • Reading the Fine Print: HIV Test Inserts
  • The Changing Criteria of Western Blot Testing
  • Deciphering Test Results for False Positives
  • Examining the "Gold Standard" for HIV Tests
  • Testing of High Risk vs. Low Risk Populations
  • HIV Testing Campaigns
  • CDC: Initial AIDS Definition
  • Creating an African AIDS Definition
  • Bangui: AIDS By Numbers
  • Bangui: Peripheral Psychological Damage
  • Bangui Redux: National Variation in AIDS Definitions
  • Through a Glass Darkly: African AIDS Statistics
  • Clinical AIDS: A New Disease? 
  • A Growing Family: AIDS Marker Diseases and Indicators
  • Bangui Westernized
  • Politics and Public Health: A Study in Conflict
  • CD4 T-Cell Count Marker: Medical Application
  • 1997 - CDC Tables 11 and 12: Addition by Subtraction
Deconstructing a House of Numbers:
Experts Examine Global HIV/AIDS Statistics

  • Dr. James Chin
  • Rian Malan
  • Dr. Charles Geshekter (Archival, 2001)
A Second Look
  • The "Probable Cause" of AIDS
  • Dr. Don Francis on Dr. Robert Gallo
  • Profile: Dr. Peter Duesberg
"Why I Began Questioning HIV" -
Five Skeptics' Stories

  • Dr. Kary Mullis
  • Rian Malan
  • Neville Hodgkinson
  • Dr. Rodney Richards
  • Dr. Christian Fiala
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