Monday, April 26, 2010

House of Numbers DVD Pre-orders Now Available -- Shipping July 20, 2010

House of Numbers is 89 minutes long, but for every minute in the documentary there exists nearly four times as much footage that could not be included in the optimum time-frame for a feature-length film. Drawing on this resource, the special Deluxe Edition explores in greater depth and more exacting detail the issues raised in the Standard DVD. This previously unseen footage brings into sharper focus the controversies and the cast of characters comprising the HIV/AIDS narrative; making it compelling viewing for anyone engaged by this fascinating and fateful "anatomy of an epidemic."

The Standard DVD Pre-order price is $19.95 and will include English Closed Captions, Spanish and German subtitles, and Stereo and 5.1 surround sound. The special features will include the HON theatrical trailer along with promo material we have released on the internet, such as the Luc Montagnier's extended interview.
The Deluxe DVD Pre-Order price is $39.95. This includes the Standard DVD along with Two Additional DVDs with the following special features:  
Behind-the-scenes Photos
Extended Interview Clips

23 Featurettes:
HIV Testing:
o  HIV Testing 101
o  The History and Evolution of HIV Testing
o  The Morphing Fine Print of
HIV Test Package Inserts
o  The Changing Criteria of Western Blot Testing
o  Deciphering Test Results for False Positives
o  Examining the “Gold Standard” for
HIV Diagnostic Tests
o  HIV Testing in High Risk Versus
Low Risk Populations
o  HIV Testing Campaigns

o  The Bangui Definition - A Closer Look
o  Bangui Redux: Abidjan and Caracas
o  The Growing Family of AIDS Marker 
Diseases and Indicators
o  The Clinicians' Dilemma: Dr. Anthony Fauci and 
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
o  1993 - CDC Adds the CD4 T-Cell Count Marker
o  1997 - CDC Tables 11 and 12 
Addition by Subtraction

"Why I Began Questioning HIV" - 
 Five Skeptic's Stories
o  Dr. Kary Mullis
o  Rian Malan
o  Neville Hodgkinson
o  Dr. Rodney Richards
o  Dr. Christian Fiala
A Second Look
o  Profile: Dr. Robert Gallo
o  Profile: Dr. Peter Duesberg
o  History of Fabricated Scares and The CDC
o  The Incarnation Children's Center:
A cautionary Tale   

Currently we are offering NTSC, all region DVDs and will be providing PAL format shortly.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  

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